So you’ve found a property you love, or maybe you don’t know which property is right for you? We’re here to assist! We have two processes, one we follow during our rental season, and one we follow off-season. Our standard leasing cycle is from June 3rd to May 27th of the following year. Please read carefully – the better informed you are the better we can serve you in finding your new home.


Generally September through January

The wait list process is for our South Side rentals; we open our wait list in September and begin renting most of our properties out starting mid-October for the following lease period and most of our available inventory is depleted before Christmas! Don’t miss out on selecting the best of the best properties, get on our wait list today.

It is important that you have your group organized. If you are a student or you are a recent grad (working less than 2 years), you will need parental co-signatures on the lease so it is absolutely vital to have them in the loop from the get go. When groups are unsuccessful in renting from us, it is almost always because of commitment issues with roommates or parents not being well informed. We appreciate it when parents come along on the showings.


After submitting your wait list request, when it is your turn, an STP representative will contact you to let you know our showings schedule. After you select a showing we will send you information on where to meet and how to continue with the leasing process. During our Rental Season in the Fall, our showings are between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours long. We will show similarly laid out rentals in each of the showings (i.e. one showing might be all of our 2 bedrooms units, another might be all of our 3 bedrooms units). Depending on the situation we may or may not be able to show all rentals with a particular configuration in one showing. If you know exactly which rentals you want to see, simply accompany us on the showings that will tour those rentals and we will get to them at some point in the tour. At the showing we will guide you through the unit, explain the features of the unit, the benefits of leasing from us, and how to proceed. We can accept a holding deposit for a rental on the spot.

Holding and Security Deposit

At any point before, during, or after a showing for either leasing process you may make a holding deposit on the rental to reserve it for your group. This holding deposit is non-refundable but goes toward your security deposit upon successful execution of your lease. It can be made online (preferred) or by check at a showing. Once tendered your group (including all co-signers) will have 5 calendar days to fill out applications online, (co)sign your lease online, and submit the remainder of your security deposit. During this hold time the rental will not be committed to another group. The holding deposit is currently set at $1,000 and the security deposit is generally equal to 1.5 times the monthly rent for those tenants with co-signers. If your group is unsuccessful in completing the leasing process during this time, we will accept another group’s deposit and your holding deposit will be forfeited.

Exposed brick in this industrial spacious living area is the feature in this luxury rental apartment by Steeltown Properties in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Off-Season Leasing Process

January through August
Miss the mark on our rental season? Don’t worry, although you may not get prime pickings, all of our units are very nice, and we are constantly adding to our inventory at various times throughout the year, so don’t rule us out just yet, we may have exactly what you are looking for. Check out our available properties and contact us today! During the off-season, send us a message with the rentals you are interested in and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule a showing that is convenient for you.

For Both Regular Rental Season & Off-Season Leasing Processes...

Move-In Preparation

You will begin the process of putting utilities in your name approximately two weeks before your lease start date. We will give you information on how to do this. You will acquire parking passes as needed. Your first month’s rent is due 4 business days before your lease start date. All payments are made online using our secure payment system.


On your lease start date, you may come by our office and pick up keys to your new home and begin moving in. You will have a few days to note any maintenance that needs to be accomplished and submit that list to us. After this, the only thing left to do is enjoy your new luxury home from Steel Town Properties!