Custom Renovation Experts

At Steel Town Properties, we’re experts at seeing the potential in a home that needs to be renovated, and turning that potential into a reality. Our team is fully equipped to handle a renovation of any size and scope, and will customize to your desired style. And we’re present throughout the entire process.

Because we treat your home as though it’s ours, we do everything with the utmost care. We coordinate and work closely with every aspect of a renovation project and work exclusively with licensed contractors. We obtain all work permits; partner with electricians, plumbers, and HVAC specialists; and we purchase the raw materials needed for your home. Finally, we ensure that a full structural analysis is conducted when making structural modifications, so that your renovations will pass inspection and last you for years to come.

Want more? In addition to renovations, our team has extensive design and style expertise. We’ve received kudos for our ability to revamp a space and breathe new life into it. Check out one of our favorite refresh projects, in which we renovated a former neighborhood grocery store into a modern, spacious home.


Check out our project on Highland Avenue

Check out this property on Mellon Street in Highland Park that was featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!