At Steel Town Properties, our mission is simple: to serve as the comprehensive answer to your property needs. Whether you’re on the market for a high-end rental, looking to renovate your home, or want to buy or sell property, we make it happen. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships, providing top-flight service, and giving our full attention every detail.

We’re a team of property experts who love helping anyone who calls (or will call!) Pittsburgh home. Read on for our bios and next time you’re in the South Side, stop in and say hello! We’re at the corner of South 20th street and Jane St, in one of the ‘Burgh’s most beloved neighborhoods.


Michael Wright


What I do at Steel Town Properties

I am the principle of our business. I handle everything from property purchasing and selling, designing and supervising our renovations, and interfacing with our clients. No two days are alike!


Why I love my job

At 16 years old, I had a landscaping company and one of my clients was a landlord in Mt. Lebanon who owned hundreds of units. I took care of a dozen of his properties. From there, the seed was planted and my love for property management took root. I also had an interest in construction and had a lot of creativity. Home renovation was a logical business to explore, as well. I always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I knew I was going to start a business myself. At Steel Town Properties, I’m able to combine all of these interests. Plus, it’s allowed me to thrive in the city I love: I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and never thought about living/working in any other city.


What I think is great about Pittsburgh’s housing scene

This city offers affordable housing available for purchase, a strong rental market, and rapidly appreciating areas in locations where we see Millennials living and renting right next to steel mill era families. Pittsburgh has a vast trove of older houses often having great bones and simply needing a skilled re-developer to restore, or exceed, their original glory.


My biggest work challenges and proudest moments

Time management, wearing many different hats, and paperwork all pose challenges. My proudest moments are receiving a runner up for large scale renovation of the year; starting a charity and, in 2016, raising 111 bicycles for that charity to give to underprivileged families.


My top 5 Pittsburgh favorites

  1. Our people

  2. Small town feel

  3. History of the overall city and specific towns

  4. Local breweries, restaurants, shops

  5. Architecture, skyline, river views



Check out our project on Highland Avenue that received 'Large Scale Renovation of the Year' in 2016!

Daniel Wright



What I do at Steel Town Properties

I supervise property management by offering advice, making command decisions, and lending an extra hand where and when needed. I am often seen behind my desk coordinating projects, but you will also see me running around with dirty hands drenched in sweat, making that last day save on an emergency project. I run many of the background business processes – from IT to accounting, to setting and revising rental practices and managing personnel, and I design and manage larger maintenance projects and renovations.


What I love about my job

I have the opportunity to have a hand in re-shaping Pittsburgh’s housing market and to make, literally, a noticeable difference. Pittsburgh is a city of change and it is great to help re-develop the housing market to service and meet the expectations of the re-inventors of Pittsburgh, those who will push our city well into the 21st century.


Why Pittsburgh’s housing scene is unlike any other

Most neighborhoods in Pittsburgh are very eclectic. My neighbors range from recent grads to 70-year “Mounties for Life,” what we affectionately call life-long residents of Mt. Washington. Because of the huge real estate boom here, neighborhoods that were run down and neglected a handful of years ago are now the go-to spots. Such a positive change doesn’t happen so quickly and within so many neighborhoods in other cities.


Why work is challenging, and rewarding

By redeveloping homes, we ultimately seek to improve the lives of the communities in which we work -- not just for the homeowner's themselves, but for their neighbors and the greater good. Our efforts help to improve the housing market, ultimately increasing the homeowner’s property value. Moreover, we take great pride in turning a once dilapidated home into a beautiful work of art. We like to think that our efforts, and the efforts of our fellow re-developers, help to enhance a neighborhood and the quality of life for everyone who calls that neighborhood home.


Why I’m proud to call Pittsburgh home

We’ve got it all, from big city conveniences in a smaller package to a plethora of competitive adult sports leagues. My family is here, so that’s a huge plus. Like most Pittsburghers, I’m very proud of our city – and rightfully so!

John Scott



My role at Steel Town Properties

I am our team’s Property Manager. I manage the leasing, marketing and maintenance of our properties. The team also leverages me in “on the side” but nonetheless vital tasks on our renovations – from ensuring the satisfactory condition of our sewage lines to coordinating with the utility companies on new utility hookups, our team relies on me to push through important ancillary work to make our renovations go smoothly.


Why I love my work

Growing up, I lived with my mother in Penn Hills and I spent most of my summers as a laborer for my father, who flipped houses and managed his rentals in Maryland. I’ve always considered Pittsburgh home and it’s a great feeling knowing that I’m helping to improve communities around my home town.


What I think is unique about the housing scene in Pittsburgh

The vintage architecture around the City - the Steel Mill families and the revolving door of youth being brought in by all of the city’s universities, adds a unique mix of old and new.


What gets me excited about my work

I find that the constantly changing Pittsburgh Real Estate market is both challenging and intriguing. I am proud of all of the life events that have lead me to where I am today, a piece of the Steel Town Properties machine.


My top 5 Pittsburgh favorites

  1. The Black & Gold sports teams

  2. Vincent’s Pizza Park

  3. Pittsburgh’s small town feel

  4. Friends and Family

  5. Kennywood