Properties in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s own Andy Warhol once said “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Our company points directly back to our city’s famed history, when Pittsburgh was the Arsenal of Democracy and churned out steel day and night to preserve our freedom during World War II.

Steel Town Properties is proud of our Pittsburgh heritage, so much so that we’ve taken these once regal, historic buildings that have championed the test of time and transformed them into beautiful works of art with modern amenities. We will always have the history of being the Steel Town of America that once manufactured 60% of our nation’s steel. Whether we are renovating or renting a home, we preserve that character and charisma in many of properties, while giving them the modern makeover and amenities the workers of our new industries demand today.

Our properties for sale and rent in Pittsburgh are among the nicest in their respective neighborhoods and we offer them at competitive rates. Most of our properties come complete with a wow factor: from beautifully renovated kitchens to well-preserved hardwood flooring and roomy, artistically tiled showers.

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